About Danes Planning

DanEs Planning is a small consulting firm, that was formed in 2002 and provides full service healthcare planning to its clients. DanEs Planning has worked with many healthcare providers in preparing Certificate of Need applications ranging from the acquisition of medical equipment to the development of ESRD facilities, inpatient hospice facilities and physician diagnostic centers to medical center master facility planning. The firm also works with clients in the areas of medical equipment and health service line planning, customer demographics and market analysis and information mapping and economic impact studies. DANES Planning also offers expert witness testimony in the fields of CON preparation and analysis and health planning.

We have developed a reputation for being a small firm that handles large matters. As a small firm, our clients receive the kind of hands-on, personal attention that is rarely available from larger firms. We have a great deal of Certificate of Need preparation experience and assist clients on a multitude of health planning issues. Our years of experience provide us with the knowledge and thorough understanding of the nuances necessary to be successful in the preparation of Certificate of Need applications. Our detail-oriented groundwork and project-focused activities performed on behalf of our clients enables us to assist our clients in receiving regulatory approval for their healthcare projects. We always look out for the best interest of the client whether it is at the beginning or the end of the Certificate of Need process.

Our firm is on the cutting edge of technology and, as a result, operates very efficiently. Unlike larger firms with high overhead costs and levels of bureaucracy, DanEs Planning offers hands-on personal attention at competitive rates.

Company Name

We are often asked why the firm is named DanEs Planning. We can honestly say that no one named Dan or Dan Es works in the firm.

DanEs combines Daniel and Esther; Daniel was a prophet and Esther was a Jewish maiden, both found in the Old Testament.

Daniel was the second son of David and the last of the four Major Prophets. Daniel was a youth of noble descent and high physical and intellectual endowments. In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim, Nebuchadnezzer besieged Jerusalem and Daniel was carried off captive to Babylon. By his prophecy Daniel wishes to show the struggle between the world and God, the natural or secular and the supernatural, the material and the spiritual, and ultimately the victory of the spiritual over the material world.

Esther was a Jewish maiden and the daughter of Abihail of Benjamin. She lived in exile with her uncle and foster-father Mordecia. When King Ahasuerus deposed Queen Vashti, Esther was chosen as queen. Haman, a vain courtier and minister of the king, was angered by Mordecia because he refused to give Haman homage that belongs to God alone. Haman with the king’s consent arranged a general massacre of the Jewish people, unaware that Queen Esther was also a Jew. Esther disclosed the malice of Haman to the king, saved her people from destruction, and furthered their cause greatly in the empire.

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