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Planning Intelligence

DanEs Planning understands the in's and out's of the healthcare industry, and knows that providers must be proactive in their planning to compete. We offer calculated planning services to aid our clients in determining the company's future and the steps to get there. DanEs Planning has the expertise and flexibility to lead every client in developing the most appropriate strategic model for their situation.

Certificate of Need (CON)

Our detail-oriented mindset, combined with years of experience in the CON process, results in an exceptional product that will push your company into the future.

Medical Equipment Planning

DanEs Planning makes medical equipment planning easy. After a survey of each service line’s medical equipment, DanEs Planning takes the information gathered and develops a manual that can be used throughout the year, especially during the annual capital budgeting process.
Cardiac Catheterization, MRI, CT

Health Service Line Planning

Tailor-made plan supporting the promotion of a specific service line based on market insights, known best practices and research.
Emergency Services, Cardiovascular Services, Surgical Services

Customer Demographics

We have expert experience in data collection and analysis, need analysis, and goal creation.
Customer Demographics, Economic Impact Study

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